Music elements developed

We are a friendly music school based in Harrow (Greater London).  Our aim is to provide a coherent, complete and enjoyable music education to infants, children, youngsters and adults who wish to learn, share and enjoy the beautiful art of music. 

Run by Musicians and Music Pedagogues, The Beethoven Music School attempts to fill the gap in a system that is renowned for its excellence in its higher studies.  However, an institution that lacks structure in a pre-undergraduate level. 

We believe that music has to be experienced in its fullness and through its different elements in order to feel the real power of this wonderful medium of artistic expression. Nowadays, conventional music teaching focuses most of its musical training on Interpretation and Performance. In doing so, it achieves good executors, but not so good musicians. 

Music is a medium of expression. It should be primarily used to express, communicate and create. This can be done through a wonderful interpretation of a masterpiece, but it is even more personal and expressive if it is through one's own composition or improvisation. Being a great Creator means using and developing one's imagination, creativity and expression. Three essential elements for any great performance. 

​Our students have group Musicianship classes where they learn to read and write music, aural, solfeggio, harmony, music history, singing, choir singing, percussion instruments, composition, etc. and Individual Instrumental lessons where they learn to play an instrument (piano, singing or flute). 

Beethoven Music School gives students the chance to play in public as much as possible. All our students perform at our Christmas Concert and Summer Concert and we also prepare and encourage them to participate in Music Festivals/Competitions around London and at the ISM West London Pupil's Concert every year. 

Beethoven Music School is formed by musicians for young musicians, a place to share the love and passion for music!

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Grades, 11+ entrance

GCSE and A Levels



Beginners to advanced

Experiencing the different elements of music gives students a broader, deeper education, a broader, deeper development and consequently, a higher motivation and love for music. 




Beginners to advanced

Beethoven Music School is formed by musicians for young musicians, a place to share the love and passion for music!

Music Initiation

 For children 4 to 7 years old

  •  Performance
  • Instrumental technique
  • ​Sight-reading
  •  Musicianship
  • ​Music Theory
  •  Music History
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Solfeggio
  • Harmony
  • Vocal technique
  • Choir
  • ​Conducting
  • ​Chamber Music

Early Musicianship


for  pre-schoolers