Apply for an exam

TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON has created a new online exam booking system. 

Students/parents can book exams by themselves online and do the payment at the same time. 

Students who prefer to book as before (by cheque and post) won't have a guaranteed space on a selected day hence we suggest that parents/students use the booking system to make sure that they get the preferred date/venue.

We normally suggest that students should take their practical exams at the end of term.

There are many venues in and around London. 

Help to fill the form:
- Syllabus: eg. PIANO
- Instrument: eg. PIANO
- Exam Venue: your postcode
- Date:​ 

We strongly advise that you attend an instrumental lesson of your child (preferably in PARENTS WEEK) to see the progress of the student, how ready he/she is to take an exam this term and to discuss with the piano teacher if an application should be made. 

Please refrain from asking to discuss about it once the lesson has finished as decisions made in a rush are never beneficial to children. If you cannot attend for the whole lesson, please pop in for the last ten minutes. 

​You can also refer ​to ​the ACADEMIC PLAN to see i​f the teacher suggest​s​
that the student should take the exam ​this term.


Unless stated differently in the individual academic plan, students who are planning to take a practical exam should have at least:

* 3 pieces hands together
* 2 technical exercises hands together
* half of the technical work

ready eight weeks before the exam date. The remaining time should be focused to improve the repertoire, technical work and supporting tests (sight-reading). 
The pieces and exercises should be played hands together although they may not be completely fluent yet. 

Only students who can perform most of the repertoire by the last lesson before applying will be offered to take the examination at the end of the term. 

If you forget to ​do the application on time you will have to choose a later date. 

In case of any problems doing the application please​ contact Trinity a​t:​

Marc Givens London Centre Co-ordinator
Trinity College London
AMP House, Dingwall Road
Croydon CRO 2LX  

​Telf:  02078206115
​email: ​​​


​If the student is preparing the ABRSM syllabus please make the application clicking here: