Fees are paid monthly in advance. The fees above are for a standard month of four weeks, in the case of a month having more or less academic weeks, the amount will vary.

Musicianship classes are normally 30min in a small group of up to 10 students. Instrumental classes are always individual and can vary in length depending on age and level of the student.

Below is a table with a model of music level, age and instrumental time needed. Please bear in mind that every child/youngster is different and that the most important thing is to develop the maximum of his/her potential while respecting his/her natural progression, passions and motivation.

We don't believe in classifying students by age, rather by talent, potential and compromise. Musicianship levels don't have to always coincide with instrumental levels, as students should be able to progress at the speed that they need to or are able to. This is mainly reflected in instrumental training where students can complete a level in the standard academic year, or can take six months or 15 months, depending on their progress. Examinations can be taken at the end of any term.

Musicianship courses are always an academic year long and always end in July.

Aproximate Music Level per Age

Initiation 1

  • Musicianship + Instrumental 1 (15min)

Age 4-6 years old