The meeting of a good companion for the rest of your life!

To start an instrument is a wonderful moment for any person, either child or adult, and it is the right moment to help the young beginner to love and value the instrument he/she is playing; to show to him/her the fantastic resource he/she has in the hands and overall to make him/her enjoy music and the way to express it through his/her chosen instrument.

Instrumental lessons are normally once a week. The length of the lesson ranges between 15min to 1h depending on the age/level of the student.

Instrumental lessons are always individual lessons (one to one).

Our students are encouraged to participate at Festivals and Competitions during the academic year and to perform at the two Concerts organised by Beethoven Music School every year.

When a student is ready, it will be suggested to him/her or to his/her parents about the possibility to take a performance exam.

Music is a medium of expression. It should be primarily used to express, communicate and create. This can be done through a wonderful interpretation of a masterpiece, but it is even more personal and expressive if it is through one's own composition or improvisation. Being a great Creator means using and developing one's imagination, creativity and expression. Three essential elements for any great performance.

Violin and Viola for Beginners to Advanced Level

    • ABRSM Examinations

    • TRINITY Examinations

    • Initial to University level

    • Violin for young children from 3/4 years old