What is more rewarding, for somebody who loves and lives for music, than to be able to share this love?

For us, musical education is not about teaching or instructing knowledge, but about stimulating the capacities and qualities of children (or of any human being) to help develop them naturally and correctly to be able to attain the command of this way of expression. Every child has human capacities that allow him/her to make music. We must only guide them to develop these innate faculties and provide the resources that will give them the freedom of expression through this fabulous art.

The awakening and development of musical capacities like Auditory Perception, Rhythmic Sense, Melodic Sense, Tonal Sense and Motricity are extremely useful for the physiological and affective development of a child at an early age. The child will form the basis of a future consciousness and an intellectual musical education. This will lead to the domain of musical language (reading, writing and performing).

Travelling through the three initiation levels children become young musicians able to read, write and perform.

Alongside their Initiation classes children are encouraged to learn to play the piano or the violin. Instrumental lessons (piano or violin) are once a week invididual one to one lessons.

A natural progression to music literacy from an aural approach.

  • Initiation 1 (4 - 5 Years Old)
  • Initiation 2 (5-6 Years Old)
  • Initiation 3 (6-7 Years Old)

Music Elements Developed

    • Musicianship

    • Auditory Perception

    • Rhythmic senseon

    • Melodic sense

    • Tonal sense

    • Motricity and coordination

    • Music literacy (reading and writing)

    • Composition

    • Solfeggio

    • Choir

    • Conducting