Music Festivals take place in and around London during the year, but especially in Spring.

Most Festivals include competitions in which participants play in front of an audience and/or adjudicating Committee. Depending on their performance, the participants will receive an award. We think Festivals offer a great opportunity for students to play in public and in a new context with their instrument, (in the case of playing piano). This clearly helps them to gain confidence for exams and for their development as individuals. To listen to other students and players is a source of inspiration and motivation.

To participate in the Festivals is optional. We try to find as many opportunities as possible for our students.

We source information on the Festivals and activities and we do all the administration work.

We won’t apply for a student to compete in a Festival unless we have written confirmation from said student.

Festivals near Harrow

    • The British and International Federation of Festivals

    • Ruislip-Northwood Festival

    • Ealing Festival

    • West London Pianoforte Festival

    • Watford Festival

    • Jacques Samuel Festival