​My daughter, Kate has enjoyed her music lessons with Beethoven Music School very much. She is now in Grade 1 Musicianship with Elisabeth and 30 mins piano Grade 2 with Libby. I feel really amazed that just over a year she has progressed from knowing nothing about music notes and piano to be able to play some short pieces. Thank you for building her love for music. I think it a good choice that we have done so far. 



Thank you to Miss Elisabeth and Miss Libby, our 3 daughters are not only pianists but also growing composers.

 We are now entering our 4th year with Beethoven Music School and the girls continue to enjoy their music training .

The weekly piano and theory practice are honestly challenging but the girls have gained many important life-skills from their music lessons. They’ve learned to develop discipline, commitment and team work. Many thanks for organising the annual winter and summer concerts , the little musicians always deliver the shows beautifully and  they are rewarded multiple times a year as they walk off the stage feeling happy and proud from performing in concerts and festivals. They also have fun with improvisation which often yields to some very creative music! So thank you for growing talent and a great hobby.

I would highly recommend Miss Libby too , my girls really like  their one-to-one individual music lessons with her because she appeals to the children’s fun nature and playful curiosity.

 Cecilia x

Elisabeth and her team at Beethoven Music School provide the most positive and enthusiastic environment in which to learn music skills for life. My daughter has been with the school for several years and enjoys music so much. She has developed her confidence as a musician by taking part in the many activities offered; instrument lessons to group music classes, seasonal concerts, festivals and composition! The energy, passion, thought and commitment the school has in helping young children develop love and understanding of music is such an inspiration. Thank you so much. 


​Elisabeth is an amazing piano teacher for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies. She is highly experienced and very professional which you can see in her lessons and in the results she creates in her students. One of my favourite things about Elisabeth is that she will push her students to do their utmost best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical detail but also to the emotion and story that every piece should express. Not only Elisabeth but also the rest of the staff at Beethoven Music School are equally dedicated and fantastic. I would recommend Beethoven Music School for anyone looking for a solid & enjoyable music education and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results!! 

​A. G.  

Beethoven music school is like no other- the children are taught in an environment that is fun & happy- and learn so much in such little time. my daughter loves all types music and is constantly singing and dancing - I was worried a lesson might make it become more academic then fun but this was not the case- the teachers really feed in the love of music and her love for music has grown! The teachers are kind and professional - I cannot recommend it enough!

K. Johal