Entrance Tests : Grammar and Independent Schools

Preparation for specialist music entrance tests and music scholarships to Grammar and Private Schools (11+, 13+ entry)

Most Grammar and Private schools ask prospective students who excel in music to sit a MUSIC APTITUDE TEST.

Generally, Music Aptitude tests have sixty questions divided in four sections:

  • Pitch (20)
  • Melody (10)
  • Texture (20)
  • Rhythm (10)

The students with higher marks scored in the Music Aptitude Test are invited to audition (perform pieces with their instrument) by the school.

In some schools aural, sight-reading and/or musicianship tests are also required.

We help students prepare for entrance exams and scholarships to their selected schools including INTERVIEW practise aimed at independent schools.

We have helped students to gain a place as music scholars and receive scholarships in independent schools like Habedarshers, Royal Masonic and Merchant Taylors among others.

Even if not selected as a music scholar, independent schools highly value that a student can contribute to the school's musical life and ensembles.

We have helped students gain a place via music in Grammar and selective schools like Watford Boys Grammar, Watford Girls Grammar, St Clement Danes School, Dr Challoner's Grammar among others.

MUSIC 11+ and 13+

Entrance Tests: Grammar and Independent Schools

    • MAT (Music Aptitude Test)

    • Aural Tests in entrance exams

    • Sight-reading tests in entrance exams

    • Folk song training (part of some independent schools auditions)

    • Interview Preparation

    • Audition Technique